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Artist Apron - White (PRE-ORDER)

Say "BONJOUR!" to the Artist Apron, your new studio uniform. I designed it with the potter in mind, but it's suitable for many other disciplines: cooking, painting, floristry and more.

What you're getting is a completely unique piece of art. The apron will not look exactly like the one pictured here. Each brush stroke is silkscreened completely randomly on each panel.

How it works: The apron covers front of body and crosses over at back. A long tie is fed through a hole at the side waist, and ties up at front waist.

Nice features:
a) Completely covers your butt! So go ahead, wipe your hands on your hips, sit on that dusty chair- you can get lost in your work with no surprises later.
b) Overlapping panels at front thighs, designed for potters who are sitting at the wheel. This comes in handy for anyone moving around the studio, the kitchen, or the garden freely.
c) French seaming at all seams. She's fancy.
d) I added a pocket below the hip for iphone etc.

How to Care:
Machine or hand wash with cold water (I use the 15 minute cycle) and hang to dry overnight.

Raw material:
A mid-weight blend of linen and viscose.
Since it's not a heavy-weight fabric, it won't protect against a major mess.
Breathable and easy to wear year long, throughout all seasons.

One Size: if you wear size XS, S, MED
One Size - Extra: if you wear size LARGE, XL

Pattern is cut for men and women alike.


Questions? Click on "Contact" under pages or send me an instagram DM @pasmonstyle.

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  • Image of Artist Apron - White (PRE-ORDER)
  • Image of Artist Apron - White (PRE-ORDER)
  • Image of Artist Apron - White (PRE-ORDER)
  • Image of Artist Apron - White (PRE-ORDER)
  • Image of Artist Apron - White (PRE-ORDER)