Pinch-Pot Workshop


POÉSIE CÉRAMIQUE: Pinch-Pot Workshop
hosted by Christina (Pas Mon Style, herself)

Experiencing sudden anticapitalist ideations? Indulge in the completely unnecessary act of playing with clay. With clay & the space create, you will be free to find new rhythms. I invite you to experience the primordial act of making a pinch pot.

Two dates available for June morning or afternoon: See drop-down menu above.

You will learn the building blocks needed to create your new favourite mug + saucer set / or set of wine cups on pedestals. The goal is to explore the sensory process of shaping clay & most of all, to have fun. You may certainly go off-script and follow the rhythms of the clay, with my guidance.

What you can expect:
You can create up to 3 separate pieces, which will be ready in approximately 6 weeks (ceramics takes time). Once you have created your pieces, I will follow them for the rest of their journey toward actualization (sponging, bisque fire, glazing, glaze fire). Everything will be glazed in clear gloss to highlight the clay's natural beauty.

8280 Boul. Saint-Laurent #400
Book your spot now, places are limited.
E-Mail if you have any questions!