PMS  is a ceramic and textile goods-based brand, created by Christina Julien in Montréal. We focus on connection through uniqueness + simplicity, with a dose of nostalgia.


Pas mon style is French for "Not my style" or, "I love what you're wearing! 

  ....... but I could never pull that off!"  

PMS  is all about individualism (shamelessly) and surrounding yourself with comfortable, pretty things.

Christina combines her keen interest in the human condition, pursued during her years completing a psych degree, with many other passions.  Armed with her Libra-fated appreciation of beauty and fashion degree, and passionate know-how for ceramics, Christina has worked many years in the Montréal fashion industry. She brings it all together in PMS. 

If the name sounds familiar, Christina Julien took home the award for Pop Montréal's annual design competition, Fashion POP in 2013, for her minimal trendsetting ‘60s inspired black and white collection.  

 Side note: all products are vegan! 

 Interested in stocking my work? Shoot me an e-mail bonjour@pasmonstyle.com.