Advanced Pottery Course

$140.00 - $200.00

Got the basics down?

It's time to delve into the realm of repetition + begin your path towards perfection. This advanced wheel throwing course designed to boost your confidence + give you the tools to become self-reliant.

You'll receive individualized attention and guidance. I will cover how to measure your work, how to take notes, and show you all of my perfectionist tricks - how to get things just right. This is a great time to ask me any questions you may have about tools, techniques and special projects.

You may create two pieces which I will follow for the rest of their journey towards actualization (sponging, bisque fire, glazing, glaze fire). Your pieces will be glazed in clear gloss to highlight the clay's natural beauty and be ready in approximately six weeks.

Who am I?:
I have a decade of pottery experience along with five years guiding wheel throwing classes. I also have degrees in psychology & fashion design. My world revolves around clay, so teaching is naturally part of my practice: to share my technical knowledge, as well as my inner connection to the art of wheel-throwing. For more info: About Me

À la carte format:
For those who wish, additional courses are available, such as trimming and glazing.

How to schedule:
The course is one day, two hours for up to three people. E-mail or DM to book a time:

Tuesdays-Wednesdays-Thursdays 11am-3pm